World-leading companies share the opportunities they found in Saskatchewan.

Find out why AGT Food and Ingredients—the world’s largest lentil exporter—chose to locate in Saskatchewan.

Grain Millers North America's largest oat miller, is experiencing continuous growth from Yorkton, Saskatchewan! Find out why.  

Agri-value stories

Check out these stories about agri-value success in Saskatchewan.

"If you want to be a leader in value-added agriculture, Saskatchewan is the place to be."

Saskatchewan has the right ingredients to become a global leader in value-added agri-business.

Strong industry-government-university R&D partnerships make Saskatchewan a great place to develop your agri-value product.

Our 15% tax rebate is designed to work

Our new, flexible Saskatchewan Value-Added Agriculture Incentive (SVAI) is designed to help you grow your business. Ready to take advantage of the agri-value opportunities in Saskatchewan? Read our report about the SVAI and other agri-value incentives.

A labour force that works

Saskatchewan has the best returns on labour investment among all provinces in value-added agriculture.


Over half of all employees in the province have post-secondary education or training.


Historic ties to agriculture create a passionate and experienced value-added agriculture workforce.

Economic overview

Saskatchewan is one of the most cost-effective locations in North America for agri-value. Read a summary of our economy, the GDP and capital investments.


Incentives and tax credits

We have Canada’s lowest manufacturing and processing corporate income tax rate, as well as targeted incentives.


The Saskatchewan Value-Added Agriculture Incentive offers a 15% tax credit on capital investments for valued-added agriculture facilities in the province.


The Saskatchewan Commercial Innovation Incentive (Patent Box) is the first of its kind in North America.

Saskatchewan agri-value advantages
  • A vast, productive land base
  • Competitive operating costs
  • World-class value-added companies
  • Leading-edge research and innovation

Investment overview

Learn about Saskatchewan's investment and business opportunities. Get details about our economy and key economic sectors.

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