Annual forest products sales of over $1 billion and the sector supports nearly 8,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Ron Dunn, Edgewood Forest Products, Chief Operating Officer, explains how Saskatchewan’s sustainable and growing forestry industry delivers for investors and employees.

"We had a strong belief there was a good business opportunity in Saskatchewan that was under-realized in forestry, which helped launch Edgewood in Carrot River, Sask."
- Ron Dunn, Chief Operating Officer, Edgewood Forest Products

Forestry Sector Information

Learn more about opportunities in Saskatchewan's forestry industry.

Saskatchewan’s forestry industry currently has the mill capacity to utilize approximately 70% of the AAC, leaving 2.5 million cubic metres of timber available for new mill investments.

1 million oven-dried tonnes of wood biomass available for new investments.

Saskatchewan Forest Products Buyers’ Guide

Key information about Saskatchewan forest products to buyers around the world.



Strong government support for development and growth of the forestry sector, including opportunities within the emerging bio-economy and other value-added forest products.


Economic overview

Saskatchewan is one of the most cost-effective locations in North America to do business. Read a summary of our economy, the GDP and capital investments.



Incentives and tax credits

A number of tax credits and incentives are available to encourage growth in Saskatchewan's manufacturing sector.

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