Strong infrastructure, skilled labour and low operating costs - just some of the reasons companies have chosen Saskatchewan.

Morris Industries Ltd. is one of our largest contributors to exports in the agricultural equipment manufacturing sector. See what makes them globaly competitive here in Saskatchewan!

Honey Bee Manufacturing started with an innovative product and now they compete with giants. Hear why they believe some of the best innovation in the world is going on in Saskatchewan. 

Manufacturing stories

Check out opportunities to invest in one of the fastest-growing sectors in Saskatchewan.

With participation from 52 countries and over $500 million in sales, Canada's Farm Progress Show is the country's largest trade show.      

Quality Assured Manufacturing is expanding to keep up with business growth.

Saskatchewan's thriving manufacturing sector is supported by a diverse economy.

Labour Productivity

Higher labour productivity means better workforce efficiency and a healthier bottom line.


The workforce has grown act a record pace to keep up with our vibrant economy.


Saskatchewan has streamlined immigration policies to attract immigrants with skills that fit labour market demands.

Innovation incentive

The Saskatchewan Commercial Innovation Incentive (Patent Box) offers a 6% corporate tax rate to eligible companies commercializing intellectual property in Saskatchewan.

Tax credits and incentives


A number of tax credits and incentives are available to encourage growth in Saskatchewan's manufacturing sector.


Economic overview


Manufacturing plays a key role in Saskatchewan. Read a detailed summary of our economy, the GDP and capital investments.


What do you want to know about Saskatchewan?

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