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Gary Delaney

Chief Geologist, Saskatchewan Geological Survey Ministry of Energy and Resources

 1st in Canada for mining investment attractiveness, according to the Fraser Institute. 

Just one of the reasons these companies are investing here!

Find out why Rio Tinto is spending 15-20% of its global exploration budget in Saskatchewan in a range of projects including base metals and diamonds.

The Seabee Gold Operation attracted SSR Mining which purchased the operation in 2016the largest single investment in precious metal mining in the province's history. Learn more.

Mining Stories

Check out these stories to learn more about opportunities in the mining industry.

Jean-Charles Potvin, President and CEO of Murchison Minerals

Murchison Minerals sees first-hand why Saskatchewan ranks as one of the world's top mining jurisdictions.

Paul Benson, CEO and President of SSR Mining

SSR Mining is investing in Saskatchewan’s gold resources.

Helium is on the rise in Saskatchewan! North American Helium plans a processing plant here.

Bird's eye view of mining base

Start drilling with a 25% tax rebate


Saskatchewan offers a rebate to drill in targeted areas of high mineral potential for diamonds, base and precious metals. Looking to explore the mining opportunities that Saskatchewan has to offer? Read about our Targeted Mineral Exploration Incentive.


Two Saskatchewan workers on a geological survey

Saskatchewan Geological Survey

Saskatchewan provides innovative, high-quality geoscience information to support the development of the province's mining resources. 

Check out the award-winning GeoAtlas to easily explore the province's mining resources.


3 Saskatchewan workers laughing together

Incentives and Competitiveness


Saskatchewan was ranked by the Fraser Institute as Canada's most attractive jurisdiction for mining investment in 2020—an achievement largely due to the province’s strong, stable regulatory and royalty systems along with a competitive business environment that welcomes businesses and investors.


Saskatchewan Economic Overview Brochure

Economic overview


Saskatchewan is attracting major global mining companies. Read a summary of our economy, the GDP and capital investments.


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Gary Delaney

Chief Geologist, Saskatchewan Geological Survey
Ministry of Energy and Resources