Home to four of the top most-effective oil plays in Canada (Scotiabank Playbook 2017)

Learn why Crescent Point Energy calls Saskatchewan one of the best places in North America for oil and gas development.

North America's biggest producer of large-diameter pipe. A major player in Saskatchewan's oil fields. Find out why international companies are investing in Saskatchewan.

Oil and gas stories

Check out these stories about opportunities in Saskatchewan's oil and gas industry.

Favourable economic and regulatory conditions allow companies like Crescent Point Energy to experiment and innovate.

Learn how the Saskatchewan Geological Survey is at the forefront of using 3D geological modelling technology.

From 2007-2016, Saskatchewan has attracted over $144 billion in capital investment.



Saskatchewan ranks as the 2nd jurisdiction in Canada and 7th worldwide for investment in oil and gas according to the Fraser Institute's 2017 Global Petroleum Survey.




As well as offering the Saskatchewan Petroleum Research Incentive and incentives for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects, our oil and gas royalties are some of the best in North America.


Economic overview


Saskatchewan has the most diverse primary energy base in Canada. Read a detailed summary of our economy, the GDP and capital investments.


What do you want to know about Saskatchewan?

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