A supportive industry that is dedicated to seeing you succeed. Hear why companies are choosing Saskatchewan.

Find out why world leaders in IT are choosing to stay in Saskatchewan.

From vehicle electronics to deep space missions, SED Systems helps the world communicate, innovate, lead healthy lives and stay safe.

Tech stories

Some examples of how Saskatchewan is pioneering in technology.

Home-grown software is used to produce electronic chips around the world.

Conquering the global restaurant market.


Indie game studio Noodlecake has flourished in Saskatchewan.

Incentives and tax credits


The Saskatchewan Commercial Innovation Incentive (Patent Box) offers a 6% corporate tax rate to eligible companies commercializing intellectual property in Saskatchewan. Combine the innovation incentive with the R&D refundable tax credit, and Saskatchewan is the best place for commercialization.

An innovation leader


Saskatchewan has an extensive innovation cluster and the R&D infrastructure to support this vibrant sector.

Economic overview


Saskatchewan is an innovation leader in biotechnology, software development and new media. Read a detailed summary of our economy, the GDP and capital investments.


What do you want to know about Saskatchewan?

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