First Among The Provinces In Year-To-Date And Year-Over-Year Growth

New merchandise export sales statistics for November 2020 show Saskatchewan was up by 12.6 percent, compared to November 2019.  That was the highest percentage increase among the provinces, and more than double the percentage increase of the second closest province.  On a national basis, exports were down by 2.5 percent.  The value of exports in November 2020 was $2.7 billion. 

“The fact that Saskatchewan’s exports have not only held steady during the COVID-19 pandemic but have grown is truly remarkable,” Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison said.  “It is a testament to the resilience of our exporting industries and the fact that the world continues to need what Saskatchewan has.”

In the first eleven months of 2020, exports were up in Saskatchewan by 3.3 percent compared to a 13.0 percent decline nationally.  Saskatchewan was also first among the provinces year-to-date, and one of only two provinces that saw an increase rather than a decrease.

Major increases in exports were led by farm and intermediate food products.