New statsitics show Saskatchewan's strong growth in merchandise export sales in 2020.

Overall merchandise export sales during the year were more than $30 billion, up 2.5 per cent over 2019, the highest percentage increase among the provinces.  On a national basis, exports were down 12.2 per cent over the same period.

“The global COVID-19 pandemic has hit all economies hard worldwide, but these export numbers are strong signs our province is in a positive position for economic recovery in 2021,” Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison said.  “With our world-class and growing export base, we have what the world wants and needs, and it will continue to drive investment and jobs for communities right across Saskatchewan.”

In 2020, major increases in exports were seen in farm and intermediate food products; forestry products and building and packaging materials; and industrial machinery, equipment, and parts.  Saskatchewan’s top international markets for 2020 include the United States, China, Japan and India.

Currently, the Government of Saskatchewan is working to open three new trade offices in Singapore, Japan and India in 2021 to support increased export diversification.  The new offices will complement the existing trade office in China, and continued access to Asian markets will benefit our key economic sectors.