Leading Agricultural Technology Company Expands Operations with Saskatchewan Facility
Today, the Government of Saskatchewan welcomed Clean Seed Capital Group Limited ("Clean Seed"), an Agricultural Seeding Technology company, to the province.  
Clean Seed is expanding their operations through the lease of a newly built 16,000 square foot facility located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which will be the heart of the company's Canadian prairie operations and cornerstone for early commercialization plans for the SMART SeederTM MAX/MAX-S. 
"We are delighted to welcome Clean Seed to Saskatchewan," Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison said.  "This is great news for our province that will create good local jobs, support economic recovery and help our province continue to grow.  Clean Seed's uniquely, all-Canadian created SMART Seeder technology is set to make a difference from the ground up in Saskatchewan, as the province continues to lead in revolutionizing the global ag sector." 
As a business that will be performing research and development activities in Saskatchewan, Clean Seed becomes the first company in the province to benefit from the Saskatchewan Commercial Innovation Incentive (SCII) program.  The first of its kind in North America, SCII is a new-growth tax incentive that offers eligible corporations a reduction of the provincial Corporate Income Tax Rate to six per cent for 10 consecutive years for corporations that commercialize their qualifying intellectual property in Saskatchewan.  Companies can extend the benefit period to 15 years if at least 50 percent of the related research and development was conducted in Saskatchewan.  The SCII is administered by the Ministry of Trade and Export Development and helps to make Saskatchewan an attractive, competitive jurisdiction for businesses to commercialize exceptional intellectual property. 
"Clean Seed is proud to be building the operational foundation of our organization in Saskatoon," Clean Seed Capital Group Chairman and CEO Graeme Lempriere said.  "Much of our technology development work was rooted in Saskatchewan and we look forward to driving rapid growth with the most sophisticated planting and seeding technology on the market, proudly built here in Canada." 
The Saskatoon facility will focus on electronics and machine assembly, sales, customer experience, customer training, parts, service, warranty, as well as research and development