By Pat Rediger

The next guitar solo you hear at a rock concert may be made possible by a company from right here in Saskatchewan.

A growing number of distinguished bands are finding their unique guitar needs met by shopping at Temple Audio Design, a growing company based out of Warman. Founded by Ryan Dyck, the company has become well-known for its superior lineup of guitar pedalboards.

“In the past five years, Temple has grown from being a small word-of-mouth custom pedalboard operation to a full blown manufacturer with a vast product line for both professionals and amateurs alike,” said Cas Bitner, sales manager at Temple Audio Design. “It’s definitely a highlight to see artists like The Who, One Republic, Nine Inch Nails, Joe Bonamassa and countless others rocking with our products.”

In many ways, Dyck was destined to form a music manufacturing company. Bitner said that Dyck has a background as a talented guitarist with a love for music, and understanding of the equipment needed for musicians to be successful.

Dyck has always had a knack for creating innovative yet practical solutions. He had gained a wealth of experience in the automation industry, and his knowledge of technology aided in developing efficient and effective manufacturing solutions for industries including in music business.

When the opportunity arose to become an entrepreneur, Dyck was ready to put the pedal to the metal.

In 2009, he was asked to build a guitar effects pedalboard with unique features. Guitar pedals (also known as stompboxes) are devices that alter the sound of electric guitars. Most artists use multiple pedals and each unit needs to be powered and plugged into the audio inputs/outputs. The growing popularity of guitar pedals introduced the need for a pedalboard: a board that artists can put pedals on so they don’t have to re-setup their entire rig every time they play a show.

Guitarists have traditionally had to use a heavy piece of wood or aluminum with Velcro on top to secure their pedalboard units.

“This method had several disadvantages, including pedals going crooked, Velcro adhesive peeling off (usually due to high heat in a car) and pet hair sticking to the board,” Bitner said. “There weren’t really any other options available that didn’t utilize Velcro, so this design was simply accepted as the ‘industry standard’.”

Though Dyck was abroad with limited resources at the time of the request, he was able to create a device that he called the Templeboard. Bitner describes it as the “overall perfect solution for most players.”

“The Templeboard revolutionized pedalboard setups because it eliminated the need for Velcro with the quick release mounting system, which allows the artist to lock pedals into place—kind of like Lego—and avoid a lot of the headaches that using Velcro can cause,” Bitner said. “It keeps pedals perfectly square to the grid to ensure a tidy and organized layout that will endure the hardships of touring life. The lightweight design is a huge advantage for keeping weights down to meet airline restrictions.”

Bitner said that another big advantage of the Templeboard system is the modular end panels—user configurable panels that allow also artists to easily install their power and audio connectivity on the side of their Templeboard without having to drill holes or solder cables.

“This makes a custom-configured pedalboard much more accessible for someone with less technical knowledge or who simply wants to spend less time tinkering and more time playing,” Bitner said.

Due to the success of this invention, Dyck began working part-time in his garage, thinking up further pedalboard designs and enhancements. As his designs continued to generate interest, he soon began focusing on producing and developing Temple Audio’s unique products full-time. He set up shop in a former chicken barn, and as the business continued to grow and the need for three-phase power to accommodate more powerful machines arose, Dyck opened his present location in Warman. Today, the business employs several locals and ships thousands of products globally.

“It has been challenging keeping up to demand,” Bitner said. “Managing space and upping production speed has been a balancing act, but we continue to find new ways to meet the growing demand for our products.”

Bitner said that one of the keys to the company’s growth is its motto “From Artist to Artist”. During its production process, he said the company never forgets who the end customers are and what their unique needs are.

“Ryan was a musician first and has a keen mind for inventing and developing brilliant solutions. It’s his goal to create a product experience that lives up to his own expectations in the music world,” Bitner said. “Temple provides solutions that allow the artist to focus on their music first and is always brainstorming solutions to make the artist's tools a seamless extension of their own creativity.”

In the past year, Temple has experienced incredible growth since it has partnered with all of the major music retailers in the U.S. and continues to grow its distribution network throughout the rest of the world. Moving forward, Bitner said Temple Audio plans to expand its manufacturing capacity and has several plans for new products to improve its product lineup. The company further plans to continue its marketing efforts and increase its distribution base throughout the globe.

Saskatchewan has become well-known as a province that produces major stars in the music industry. With a worldwide presence, Temple Audio is one company helping to put Saskatchewan on the map when it comes to audio equipment. Bitner said the company is honoured to play a part in the province’s growing music industry.

“Temple Audio has looked into outsourcing production, but decided that staying in Saskatchewan was a more viable and effective long-term solution,” he said.

“This decision has allowed the company to provide employment to several people in the area and be involved in the community. It’s encouraging to have the support of our hometown friends and family in Saskatchewan as we continue to impact the world.”

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